Seal and Protect Your Paver, Brick, Concrete and Natural Stone

Sealing protects your brick, concrete, and natural stone surfaces against stains and UV rays; sealing also helps stabilize the entire surface by hardening the sand between the joints of pavers.


How we do it

Sealing protects your Paver, Brick, Concrete, and Natural Stone surfaces.  The sealing process is the final step to your hardscape restoration.  At Hardscape Rehab our team members are specially trained and certified in  applying state of the art sealers that will protect and beautify your surface.

Applying a sealer on your own can be a challenge, because if it’s done incorrectly, the surface may be damaged beyond repair.

Hardscape Rehab offers professional repair and restoration services – including cleaning, sanding and sealing of your outdoor surfaces – and our clients are continually amazed at the appearance of their restored hardscape surfaces.

Our team members are specially trained and certified in applying state-of-the-art sealers that are designed specifically for hardscape surfaces. Your brick, concrete, and natural stone surfaces will look like new.

Ensure your outdoor living spaces have that brand new look. The Hardscape Rehab Maintenance Agreement includes yearly home visits to keep surfaces looking their absolute best.

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