Cleaning Your Patios, Pool Decks, and other Hardscape Surfaces

Weeds, moss, mildew and stains eventually build up in the pores and joints of your paver, brick, and other hardscape surfaces.  Our deep cleaning process will ensure your surface is thoroughly clean, which is the first step to maintaining the overall integrity, color, and luster of your outdoor surfaces.

Professional patio and paver surface cleaner in Norwell, MA

How we do it

At Hardscape Rehab, we use a commercial grade hot water, high pressure washer with specifically designed and calibrated surface cleaners. This allows for a deep penetrating cleaning without causing damage to the surface.

The cleaners we use are eco-friendly and non-harmful to the environment, and with our extensive knowledge and hard surface experience, we will determine the correct type for your particular surface.

With over 20 years of expertise installing paver, concrete and natural stone surfaces, Hardscape Rehab is a leader in the field of cleaning, re-sanding and sealing outdoor surfaces.